Inspired by a series of conversations about identity, belonging and style, Third Edit is foremost a tribute to South Asian heritage.

I have always sought to create a balance between my South Asian heritage and the various geographies in which I’ve been raised.  

Looking at clothes and style from multiple perspectives, I am interested in how South Asian women dress and blur the lines between heritage and contemporary style. 

The more I meditate on my identity, my parents, their immigration, and my home, I explore feelings of being connected and rootless at the same time. In understanding the language of clothes, I begin to see points of familiarity between cultures, people, textiles and craft. 

Third Edit is foremost a tribute to South Asian heritage. Nostalgia, romanticism and a search for a positive space to understand a homeland and where I belong permeates my aesthetic and style. In interpreting the shalwar kameez, the sari, and the dupatta, I see possibilities of being sensitive and honest to the authentic self and allowing others to create a narrative that is beautiful and personal. 

Savia Shah, Creative Director Third Edit